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Welcome the animangarate, a community where you can find out which animanga characters you resemble the most! Due to the number of series out there, we do not have a regular application you can apply for but we have themes for certain series and we will have many more so why not join us and find out which characters from your favourite series you are most like.

This community is dedicated to animanga so if you're interested in Western Animation themes, please check out our sister community animationstamps. They'll be having a great variety of themes so it's worth to check it out!

sister community:


1. Vote for five applications along with your entry. This is required. You don't want your application to go without votes, right? So vote on others.
2. Please remember to be honest in your applications and do not push for certain characters. It takes all the fun from stamping. If you disagree with what you got, you can always restamp. You may also set your entry to "members only" if desired.
3. Put the name of the theme you're applying for in the subject line.
4. You're allowed to have only one application up at a time unless stated otherwise.
5. Re-stamps are allowed, but please wait about two weeks before doing so.
6. Please tag your entry as "!unstamped"
7. Sheep-voting is not allowed and neither are one word votes. Please remember to explain your votes to others and you will get the same in return.
8. We know no one have seen every series but that's why we take our time to include descriptions in the posts. However please keep in mind that some descriptions might contain spoilers.
9. Please remember to bold your votes.
10. No negative comments are allowed. Offensive comments and rudeness will earn you warnings.
11. Previous themes are opened at all times but please do not re-stamp a theme in which you just got stamped.
11. Have fun!

**Please keep in mind that if you keep breaking the rules and/or ignoring mod notes as well as getting a lot of warnings, you might be banned.


click for list of themes


If you would like to advertise the community, feel free to use any
of the banners located here.

Mods: grimoire
Stamp Makers: grimoire, pinkified, silvertigerx, the_404_error

*Many thanks to everyone listed as stamp makers for helping me out whenever I need with this community.*

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