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Our new themes are Digimon Adventure, Paradise Kiss and Steins;Gate with Code Geass, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Baccano coming next. Since we're almost done with all the series that got most votes in our first poll, I will post a new one a little before the last themes so we have the time to prepare stamps. If you'd like to suggest themes, visit this post.

Big thanks to pinkified who helped me with this post and made PK and Steins;Gate stamps.

Theme: Digimon AdventureCollapse )

Theme: Paradise KissCollapse )

Theme: Steins;GateCollapse )

〖tales of xillia〗
8th-Sep-2012 02:49 pm - voting reminder.
New themes will be posted in a very few days when I get the time to finish putting the post together. Meanwhile, if you have a minute to spare, here are unstamped applications. Votes are needed and highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

If anyone would like to apply, here you can find all the themes we had so far.
〖tales of xillia〗
30th-Aug-2012 08:53 pm - Sakamichi no Apollon Theme
Name: Breyzy

I hope to watch this series...eventually! XDCollapse )
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