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16th-Sep-2012 01:59 am
Name: Natalie.

【 About Yourself... 】
Please describe your personality: My enneagram type would be 9, I think. I am also a Dreamy Idealist i.e. IntrovertediNtuitiveFeelingPerceiving. On the very popular daemon quiz, my result was Multi-Faceted Soul and I think it fits me very well. My zodiac sign is a Gemini, although I feel that Libra or Pisces could've fit me slightly better. I do think that Gemini fits me in a way that I have quite a lot of sides to my personality, nevertheless.

Let's see, now... I'm a person with a lot of flaws, the biggest one being my shyness, I may even seem anti-social to some; I really have trouble with talking freely to people at first, although afterward I open up a little and become very fun and friendly, although still not really outgoing, more like open. I can't stand seeing others in physical or mental pain very much, as it sort of transfers to me each time, and in that way I'm very sensitive; which usually turns out in me trying to awkwardly help with cheering others up and standing up for them, even when I honestly can't even stand up for myself, haha. I can sometimes be selfish, but still deep inside I care a lot about others, even though I don't always show it. I'm also very polite and I highly respect rules, even if at times I do think some of them are just meaningless, I think I would have been a good class president who wouldn't bother anyone who doesn't want to be bothered. I despise depressing and sick things, such as cannibalism and murder in general, though I'm not ignorant and I do admit it exists and is a problem. I love LOVE! As well as fantasy, humor, romance and adventures.

I'm also slightly Type A tsundere, when I think about it, because I get very easily embarrassed when I talk about love or feelings and other things like that and I may not show my affection towards someone as openly as others. Let's just say I'm more of a shy tsundere type rather than outgoing tsundere type? I won't go around hitting the one I love, but I might give them the cold shoulder. Despite my wagon of flaws, I do believe I'm not obnoxious or immature, I always speak in a very peaceful manner and even my ever-constant irritation isn't very easy to spot, it takes a lot to make me act like a, well, normal person. One other thing I feel is worth mentioning is the fact that I'm a huge homebody, while I like fresh air and seeing new places can be quite fascinating, I'm probably as far as someone who has wanderlust as possible, I don't feel comfortable being far away from home.
"Good advice. If I listened earlier, I wouldn't be here. But that's just the trouble with me. I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it." - me in a nutshell.

Positive traits: Internally strong, diligent, imaginative, intelligent, funny (or I try to be, that is, haha), understanding, sympathetic, flexible, thoughtful, kindhearted, conscientious, forgiving, honest, but in a more gentle way; I try not to hurt people with the harsh or not so harsh truth unless I feel they deserve that.
Negative traits: Intolerant to stupidity, sensitive, anxious, distractable, lazy (I can do things very half-assed when I'm not interested), dependent, unsure, unfocused, initially guarded, finical, agreeable, spontaneous, bossy, impatient (to a point), grumpy. The following traits don't show nearly as much as others, but I do feel they need to be there to have a better picture: selfish/spoiled, critical, petty, feisty, prideful.
Please list some of your dislikes: Having to take a lot of medicine, which doesn't help the matter really, because I do have to take a lot of it still. Don't worry, I'm not a crazy person who needs to be medicated all the time, I just have an unfortunate disease and my mum's unfortunate love for vitamin pills, haha. Also, certain supporters of gay rights or feminism or anti-racism or other "popular" cultures who seriously are losing it with taking everything way too seriously and not even letting others state their honest opinion; no, I'm not someone close-minded who criticizes those movements, either, but I much prefer a calmer approach from people who sincerely care. When some people like to bring others down because they're not cool enough, in whatever sense... but I guess the most common would be school bullying. Other things I dislike would be drugs, alcohol, having to breathe smoky air, boiled vegetables, bitter chocolate and bitter food or attitude in general, unfairness, having to listen to betchy authority, being left alone when all I want is to be with someone.
What is the first impression that you give others?: Strangers usually think I'm either very collected and almost anti-social or very shy and need to open up, but you do need to know they are only strangers, and they're almost never right really, haha.
How are you described by those who know you?: Let me think, they often say I'm cute, very very often for sure... it's one trait that people never fail to see in me; I can't say I get it entirely well... they also say I'm honest, strong, sheltered, lazy and a bit selfish, as well as naive/clueless and too kind.

【 Are you more... 】
A realist, an idealist, an optimist or a pessimist: Realistic idealist :)
Cautious or Impulsive: I'm usually cautious, but can be impulsive if I get too emotional.
Calm or Hyper: Calm with hyper moments from time to time.
Trusting or Cynical: It's really hard to answer, but I'm thinking slightly more trusting than cynical.
Leader or Follower: I'm not much of a leader, I don't handle pressure very well and I'm too emotional to be controlling a group of people. Although some people did say I could've been a great leader, I'd much rather be my own leader in my head. So yeah, I'm leaning a bit more towards a follower, even though I don't follow without thinking things through and sharing my thoughts on how to act with the leader.
Introverted or Extroverted: I hide my feelings a lot (sometimes successfully), but at the same time I'm very open with my close friends, I'll basically tell them anything as long as I feel they're willing to listen.
Independent or Dependent: Both in a weird way. I try to act independent around others (though to be completely honest, it rarely works out very well, lol), especially people I don't know, but inside I'm dependent. I don't know what I'd do without some of my friends and my family, they're too important to me to ever lose without it having a huge impact on my world.
Persistent or Laid-Back: Laid-back in a sense that I know when to back off and stuff.
Confident or Modest: More modest than confident? I can be confident in certain areas, but I'm usually modest about anything I'm good at, at least outside. I just have way too much stuff going on in my brain that you probably don't want to know about either way, haha.

【 Add something here 】
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I'd like to be less sensitive to whatever others think of me.
Do you enjoy conflict or do you seek to end it as soon as you can? One thing I surely do not enjoy in life is conflict, and I prefer to not start it in the first place. I don't mind rivalry, though, as I find it fun from time to time!
Someone just cut in front of you in the store, when you've already been waiting for quite some time. How do you react? I would definitely boil up inside, but outside I would try to stay cool. What I would surely do, though, is cut in front of them again because I'm a very mature individual, lol. 
Imagine yourself fighting in order to save the world, or to put an end to it depending on your ideals. What motivates you to fight? Would it be for the sake of the world, just because you felt like helping out, for a specific desire, for yourself? Probably to help somebody who I consider a close friend of mine or just fight because I have no other choice... I'm just not normally a world-saving type.
Speaking of fighting, would you play the offensive, defensive or supportive role? Supportive, that's for sure; although I don't think I can't get offensive and defensive from time to time either? Since it would be rather boring to just be in a supportive role after a while.
You've come across a powerful enemy, but are already aware you won't acquire anything tangible by beating it. Do you fight it anyway? Not really, I don't see much of a point, plus I imagine I would avoid fighting with enemies, especially powerful ones.

【 Optional 】
Are there any characters you would prefer not to be voted as? Well, Ruka, because I'd hardly be so obedient to someone as crazy as Rintarou, lol. Or this shy and soft in general, because that's a bit over nine thousand in his case, haha.
Please list 5 recent applications you have voted on: 1 2 3
「animanga」 anaru → unsure
16th-Sep-2012 12:26 am (UTC)
I haven't seen this series, but to be quite honest I don't think ANY of the options are a perfect fit D; Some share traits with you, but then other sections of your application just... Don't fit with the character. Out of the options I think that maaaybe Kurisu fits best. As a whole she seems rather good at hiding her feelings, but I don't think she'll object to talking to people she's close with. Kurisu is flat-out described as a tsundare and you've listed that as well but I could also see her as internally strong, diligent, imaginative, intelligent, understanding, sympathetic, flexible, thoughtful, kindhearted, conscientious, forgiving, and honest. I also think she's a bit selfish and a little naive, but I don't doubt that others see her as cute and honest XD Plus your Are you more... section fits Kurisu fairly well from the impression I get of her: realistic idealist, cautious (unless she's gotten emotional about something), calm, slightly more trusting, modest, and laid-back seem to fit her pretty darn well! :)

(As for your cut text... Dr. Pepper is the best soda ever and it's totally worth trying :D)

Edited at 2012-09-16 12:42 am (UTC)
16th-Sep-2012 03:06 pm (UTC)
While I can see bits of a few characters working at certain points of your application, I think most of them also posses many traits that oppose yours. As unexpected as it is, I really do see Kurisu being the only possible fit, sharing many of your traits, and as mentioned above, generally being probably the most balanced character in the series. Type A tsundere is definitely something that fits her well, but unlike many characters from that stereotype, she isn't very aggressive or violent towards someone she likes either. She is polite but might come off as anti-social to many and while she doesn't have troubles talking with others even without knowing them she is definitely more reserved and it takes her time to open up to others. When she does however, she kind of drops off her serious facade, more or less anyway. I can also easily see her sharing quite a few of your dislikes and would definitely be described as strong, sheltered and honest. Kurisu, to me, came off as a character who would fall between the trusting and cynical category, but maybe even meaning a bit more towards trusting side (given her behavior towards her father and the fact she never suspected anyone, if I remember correctly? But she definitely isn't very trusting either). Makise also tries to hide her feelings when possible but she can be more open if someone was willing enough to listen. Despite her successes, she is also more modest than confident, much like yourself. I think she'd act the same as you when it comes to situation mention in the second question and the last one. Maybe she'd even take on a supportive role herself. Lastly, she is definitely initially guarded, sometimes bossy, critical, prideful, feisty, intolerant to stupidity, thoughtful, kind and understanding, despite her tough exterior. There are a few differences but much more similarities.
16th-Sep-2012 05:33 pm (UTC)
I'm really not familiar with this series (but it sounds awesome!), so I apologize if this vote is really off or something. O_O; Still, none of the characters seem to be great fits: I see some with similar traits but then they seem to have opposing traits too, which makes this difficult. I think I might be leaning more towards Kurisu Makise than anyone else, but...I also feel like that could be kind of off too. She just seems to be the best all-around fit from what I've been able to gather: I think Kurisu might come across as selfish at times, but she seems to genuinely care about others (particularly those she's close to!). She's apparently described as a tsundere too, but I don't get the impression she's violent like many of the characters that would fall into that category are usually presented as either (she seems to be more of the "cold shoulder" type of tsundere). "I always speak in a very peaceful manner and even my ever-constant irritation isn't very easy to spot"--> from what I can tell, that seems to fit Kurisu a lot! I think the overall combination of your Positive/Negative Traits could work for her as well from what I've been able to gather about her: internally strong, diligent, imaginative, intelligent, understanding, sympathetic, flexible, thoughtful, kindhearted, conscientious, honest, intolerant to what she views as stupidity, sensitive, anxious, initially guarded, spontaneous, impatient (to a point), feisty, prideful. The first impression you give others seems to work really well for Kurisu overall: "Strangers usually think I'm either very collected and almost anti-social or very shy and need to open up"...while I think how you're described by those who know you seems to fit for her character overall too. From what I can tell, she seems to be a good fit for your "Are you more..." section answers: Realistic idealist, cautious but impulsive when emotional, more calm, and hides feelings a lot but very open with close friends, more modest than confident. Kurisu doesn't seem to be the type to enjoy conflict either...and I get the impression she'd take a supportive role at first but switch from offensive/defensive just to avoid getting bored. XD
17th-Sep-2012 12:54 am (UTC)
I'm not familiar with this series yet (which is a shame since it sounds awesome), and none of the characters seem like perfect fits in a way...but I think Kurisu Makise is perhaps the best fit out of the cast based on what others have said and how she is described. I could see her fitting into the Type 9, Dreamy Idealist, and Multi-Faceted personality types rather well to degrees. She's described as being a tsundere by others in the cast, and given that she can be somewhat timid in certain situations...perhaps shy tsundere isn't too far off the mark for her? *is unsure* She does sometimes get embarrassed by certain things too, such as being forced to admit that she logs into @Channel. She seems to speak in a rather mature and peaceful manner for the most part unless flustered, and while it seems like it takes her awhile to open up to others...once she becomes more comfortable with someone she can be more friendly and open around them. I could perhaps see her being described similarly by others too. She seems like she could be intolerant to stupidity, sensitive, anxious, distractable, unsure, unfocused, initially guarded, agreeable, spontaneous, bossy, impatient (to a point), grumpy, critical, feisty, and prideful at times. Most of your Positive Traits in particular seem like they could fit for her at times: internally strong, diligent, imaginative, intelligent, funny, understanding, sympathetic, flexible, thoughtful, kindhearted, conscientious, forgiving, honest, but in a more gentle way.

I could see her perhaps being described a realistic idealist, and she seems to be pretty cautious unless she gets more emotional over something too. She's calm with hyper moments at times (particularly when you compare her real life persona with the one she has online). She seems like she tries to hide her feelings at times too, but is more open with those she's comfortable with at times. She can be laid-back, and seems confident in certain areas but modest when it comes to other things.

I could see her perhaps taking part in the "world-altering" battle for similar reasoning, and responding similarly to the optional enemy fight scenario too given how calm, collected, and thoughtful she's described as being when it comes to even tense situations. :D
19th-Sep-2012 04:05 pm (UTC) - STAMPED
Congrats, You are most like Kurisu!

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